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Hogs can destroy crops and farmland in a matter of hours and their rooting and trampling can cause soil erosion which spells disaster for farmers.
Here's an example of the damage that hogs can cause:
Feral hogs also carry swine brucellosis (which can be passed on to humans) and pseudorabies which could prove to be fatal to livestock as well as family pets.
Without any type of prevention, a wild hog population can double in only 4 months. Young pigs can become sexually mature in 6 months.  A typical litter of hogs ranges from 6-16,  and a single female may have as many as 3 litters within 14 months. Do the math!
If you've seen one hog on your property, there are probably at least another 10 waiting in the wings.
If you have, or suspect you have, a feral hog infestation, please contact us to discuss your options for removal.

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